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Meet Phoebe Eng, author of “Warrior Lessons”

The next guest on’s AAPI Empowerment Series is social activist and author Phoebe Eng. The interview already took place on June 23, but you can still register and listen to the archive recording. Phoebe Eng is the author of the highly acclaimed memoir, “Warrior Lessons: An Asian American Woman’s Journey into Power,” her account […]

Meet Yul Kwon, winner of “Survivor: Cook Islands” is proud to announce our next interview, with Korean American attorney-turned-TV celebrity Yul Kwon. The interview will be held was on Tuesday, June 9 at 6 pm PDT (9 pm EDT). We were fortunate to see Yul speak during last year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, and more recently during Asian American Pacific Islander […]

Ronald Takaki, pioneering Asian American historian, 1939-2009

There are very few non-fiction books that anyone interested in Asian American history and culture must read. They include Helen Zia’s “Asian American Dreams,” Bill Hosokawa’s “Nisei: The Quiet Americans,” Phoebe Eng’s “Warrior Lessons,” Ben Fong-Torres’ “The Rice Room” and Ronald Takaki’s “Strangers from a Different Shore.” Ronald Takaki, who wrote or co-authored more than […]

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