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They’re just sayin’… Media Coverage

We’d like to thank everyone who has given us some media attention and linked to — every little bit of “Google Juice” helps get the word out to more people!

Here are some links back to site that have mentioned us. We’ll say it in Japanese – “Domo, domo! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!” (“Thanks, thanks, thank you very very much!”):

East-West Magazine (thanks, Alissa and Anita!)
Visualizing Greatness: More Than a Geek and a Geisha

Pacific Citizen (thanks, Lynda!) Launches Online Empowerment Series (thanks, Joe!)
Realization of (Joe Nguyen’s story also ran in Asian Avenue Magazine)

Slant Eye for the Round Eye (thanks, Slanty!)’s AAPI Empowerment Series with Yul Kwon

8Asians (thanks, Tim!)

Angry Asian Man (thanks, Angry!)
cool interviews at

All Things APA (thanks, Conrad, for the shout out in the podcast!)
Judy Chu, Uighurs’ Plight, and Alec Baldwin’s Lame Joke

Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL)