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Disney/Pixar movie “Up” stars an Asian American character

From Channel APA: The new Disney-Pixar animated feature, “Up,” stars an Asian American character, voiced by an Asian American kid. The part of Russell, the young scout who gloms onto the grumpy old man Carl just as the two take off on a crazy adventure, is read by Jordan Nagai, a Japanese American young man […]

Ronald Takaki, pioneering Asian American historian, 1939-2009

There are very few non-fiction books that anyone interested in Asian American history and culture must read. They include Helen Zia’s “Asian American Dreams,” Bill Hosokawa’s “Nisei: The Quiet Americans,” Phoebe Eng’s “Warrior Lessons,” Ben Fong-Torres’ “The Rice Room” and Ronald Takaki’s “Strangers from a Different Shore.” Ronald Takaki, who wrote or co-authored more than […]

Asian American brother-and-sister team Tammy and Victor Jih win “Amazing Race” season 14

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